Teaching Strategies to Support Independence

Limitless Potential

Teaching children and young people to learn new skills can often be challenging but by doing so we can help them become more independent.  It is our responsibility to ensure that the individual meets their limitless potential.

Before we can teach new life skills to support independence, we need to assess the child’s needs.

How can we Provide Structure?

  1. Provide a supportive environment
  2. Be sensitive to children and young people’s needs -for example point out the obvious
  3. Give the child/young person opportunities to practice a new skill
  4. Empower the child/young person with autism

Recognising that each child and young person with autism presents uniquely is important to supporting their individual needs. Knowing that their individual needs can be met may further allow the child or young person to feel more included, accepted and thus strive to address his or her own difficulties.