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In teaching children and young people with autism independence skills it is important to empower them. For example, disclosure of a child or young person’s diagnosis allows the them to know who he or she is.

For more information: Building Capacity Resource.

This can be empowering and calming and allows the right supports to be in place at the right time.

To support a young autistic person to understand themselves see below:

Centre for Autism Conference Day 2 Final Speaker Panel Video.

Centre for Autism Conference Day 2 Final Speaker Panel Video.

Adam Harris video in Building Capacity resource.

Joint Attention: Empower the child

Teaching self advocacy skills can further support the young person by helping them to ask for help to meet their individual needs.  For further information: click here.

By doing this we can help reduce their levels of anxiety, helping them to endure and accept that they have the capability to develop new skills so they can build their resilience and independence skills. For more information: click here.

Point to remember

By teaching children and young people to value their own strengths and efforts, as well as those of others, children become much more skilful at coping with stressful or unexpected situations. we continually seek opportunities for children to be successful as this leads to children feeling competent and confident in themselves and in their world.